Airport taxiway is marked not only with lights but also (first and foremost) with signs. They are always properly visible and illuminated. Yellow and black markings are used on taxiway signs. Yellow letters and numbers on a black background (e.g. A3) indicate which taxiway an aircraft is currently on. A yellow background with black letters and numbers (e.g. A4) indicates a taxiway intersection. Signs that are red (31R) always signal a runway. A red color reminds a pilot about a necessity to get a permission for further operation from an airport controller.

Since 1995, runway guard lights have been also used to enhance safety. These are amber, flashing lights which inform a pilot about approaching a runway. They are installed on both sides of a taxiway; at the point that a pilot should stop the machine. The name “runway guard lights" is not used in the aircraft pilots’ jargon. They call it simply “wig-wags".